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Anjoo Korean BarBQ

About us

What is anjoo? A must-have item when having alcoholic drinks in Korea. Briefly, the definition of Anjoo could be tapas, side dishes or snacks that pair well with alcohol. But the social meaning of Anjoo is much deeper than that: it is all about the pleasure of savoring not only food but friendship and happiness. Koreans feel that Anjoo helps maintain some balance in their consumption of alcohol and they would not consider drinking without it.

what foods can be anjoo?

Anything. The content is not essential, the concept is that a Anjoo is a rather small portion of food. Tapas can range from something as simple as a bowl of fruits to something more complicated like a fully cooked noodles, barbeque, or any entrees. But anything is susceptible to becoming a Anjoo.

some recommendations
of anjoo

Anjoo that double the taste of soju (Korean distilled spirit) is Anjoo beef, marinated short rib, or pork belly. It is considered number one Anjoo in Korea. Balance between the fat, which improves tenderness/ moistness/flavor, and the savory taste of protein with soju harmonize with one another.

Anjoo that double the taste of beer is AKFC (Anjoo Korean Fried Chicken). Chicken and beer are the best combination that no one can deny. Like any celebrity power couple, chicken and beer have a co-joined nickname in Korea: ChiMaek ('chi' for chicken and 'maek' for maekju, Korean for beer).

Anjoo that double the taste of makgeolli (Korean unfiltered rice wine) is Korean pancake called 'Jeon'. It really is the star in this pairing, and it is perfect for a rainy day, or for those cold nights when you need something to warm you up. Whenever it rains, someone is bound to say that they feel like eating Jeon and drinking makgeolli. The story goes that the sound made by frying the pajeon sounds like rainfall, and so that is how it has become popular to eat on rainy days. Whether or not that is true, it's still delicious!