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Korean BBQ & Tapas


Our Story

From the dream of Mr. Hong, who passionately promoted Korean culture, Anjoo was re-established in 2023 to introduce a taste of Korea to Suwanee. We are not just a place to dine; we are a destination where every meal is a celebration and every guest is part of our family.

Our Cuisine

Here at Anjoo, you will find a perfect blend of authentic Korean cuisine and playful tapas. Our signature dishes, like the smoky Korean BBQ and innovative bibimbap adaptations, are made with the highest quality ingredients sourced locally. We cater to all food lovers, including those looking for vegetarian options or those with dietary restrictions, ensuring everyone leaves satisfied.

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality is at the forefront of Anjoo. We prioritize sustainable practices by sourcing from local producers, reflecting our commitment to the environment and providing only the freshest, best tapas and Korean dishes to our customers.

Our Space

Designed to reflect the warmth of a Korean home with a touch of modern, urban flair, Anjoo provides a welcoming atmosphere for all occasions. As a family-friendly restaurant in Suwanee, we ensure that our facilities, including wheelchair access, are top-notch, making every visit seamless and enjoyable.

ps. Here at Anjoo, we are passionate about bringing authentic Korean flavors blended with the playful art of tapas to Suwanee. We strive each day to create a welcoming atmosphere where families, friends, and food lovers can gather to enjoy not only the meals but the company of each other in a warm and inviting setting.


K-BBQ & Tapas